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Before You Hibernate Post-Wedding Season Do This First

It's go go go from May to October in Muskoka and then unless we have a great winter (great meaning whatever great + winter mean to you hahaha) there's a bit of a rest period. Volume of business drops dramatically and lots of layoffs happen. Job changes happen. This makes the area a little sleepy and sometimes slow to respond.

What should Muskoka Wedding Vendors do before they rest this winter? Book space at the Get Married in Muskoka - Muskoka Wedding Show. This will give engaged couples in the Toronto area something to look forward to while planning their Muskoka wedding AND give vendors some of their time back knowing many bookings will come as a result of attendance at the show.

What should engaged couples do who are already trying to plan a Muskoka Wedding for next year? Book your tickets to the show, mark it on the calendar and get ready to check off all of those tasks on your wedding planning checklists you've been trying to check off.

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