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BIG LOVE BALL BUTTONS at The Get Married in Muskoka Wedding Show!

If you know me, it's really important that the wedding show be as inclusive as possible. Wedding shows are always called 'Bridal Shows' and it drives me nuts. Regardless of sexual orientation, all genders get married in Canada.

Ironically, speaking of removing labels! Ha! I was brainstorming inclusive ways to help vendors differentiate who was getting married out of the entourage often presented in front of a booth at a wedding show (you and your partner perhaps with friends/family etc). I remembered one of my favourite Muskoka Wedding couples Sophie and Eddie who were married at Rosseau Lake College had a BIG LOVE BALL at their wedding so I looked it up to understand more about it.

Artist and Creator Wendy Williams was feeling 'stagnant and lonely', disconnected from the world around her, tired of self expression through 'stuff' when she created a means of expressing her feelings for 'friends she had yet to meet' by printing LOVE across a BIG ( LOVE ) BALL and putting it infront of her studio. The reaction internally, and externally (for others) has been HUGE (pun intended) and all of a sudden more meaningful line of work stretched out infront of her. None of what I've said here has done her justice so please pop over and read her 'ABOUT' section from start to finish, LIKE and FOLLOW on social media. Most websites feel like they WANT something from me, this one feels like it's adding value to my spirit every second I spend on it even without purchasing. Very inspiring.

Back to the LOVE button. So! You're going to get one when you attend the show. You're going to wear it and once it has soaked up all of those positive Muskoka Wedding planning vibes, you're going to pin it on to someone who could benefit from those good vibes in your life.

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