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I'm Engaged - Now What?

Many engagements happen during late November to the beginning of February which includes holidays where families tend to gather. What better time to pop the question than this. It will only sweeten the celebrations. Watch out though! Once the proposal has been accepted, there will be a steady stream of planning related questions. It can make you feel like you should be further along than you are in your wedding planning but trust me when I say STOP. Take a beat. Enjoy a bit of this time to live in the decision that you've decided to commit the rest of your life together. Resist the pressure to get going right away. Make your decisions together and communicate in an open, honest and loving way. Planning a wedding can really test a relationship's strength and it doesn't have to.

If you've decided that you would like to Get Married in Muskoka, the first thing on your planning checklist should be to attend a wedding show that can meet your needs. There are other shows you can attend, but this one will be full of Muskoka-based wedding vendors, not vendors that 'will go anywhere if you pay (me) them'. We live here, play here, and work here. Start here first. Click here to buy tickets.

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