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Local To You vs. Local Wedding Vendors

Muskoka Wedding engagements typically happen in the summer at the cottage or somewhere else during special occasions like Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day and so on. This means that the wedding planning starts at home, not in Muskoka. "Local To You / Them" vendors are so much more accessible in Muskoka's 'off-season' then a local, Muskoka Wedding vendor and they therefore usually get first crack at the contracts for services needed up north for these weddings.

I strongly believe that an annual Muskoka Wedding Show held IN Toronto would benefit both the Muskoka Wedding Vendors as well as the Muskoka Wedding couples by getting the local suppliers in front of the engaged couples, where they are planning their weddings, when they are planning them. Without doing this, it's all up to word of mouth, and google searches and in the off-season, this can be challenging! Here's to making it easier on everyone by dedicating a solid day, and a solid effort to getting these wedding relationships established right at the beginning of the engagement.

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