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Must-Experience Muskoka Wedding Show

There are big 'bridal' shows that happen annually that engaged couples can attend. The shows are located in Toronto, and have high price tags for exhibitors and an overwhelming number of perceived ways to spend your wedding budget. These vendors come from near and far to try and get your attention, and it can feel almost desperate with vendors trying to connect with anyone that will listen, and for the attendee to try and make sense of what's getting shoved in their hands.

There is a fantastic luxury wedding show in Toronto that I adore for quality and for the experience of it all. The vendors create a memorable experience associated with their brand / company and I'm sure people 'buy' as a result of how they felt while they were there.

There are local to 'Muskoka' shows like the one that happens in the winter at the Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre. I've been fortunate enough to work with the staff to put on that show annually and for the die-hards that make the trek north in January / February as well as the local wedding couples. Lots of great conversations are had at this intimate wedding show.

Other 'local to Muskoka' shows are often Simcoe-based wedding vendors and sometimes work within the Muskoka area but they have so many great options within their own area that it's almost like another world. They would be traveling in to service our Muskoka Wedding couples much like that of the Toronto area event vendors.

We wanted to create a space for Muskoka-based wedding vendors who live and work in Huntsville, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Port Carling, Bala, Torrence, Parry Sound, Windermere, Lake of Bays, Dwight, South River, Port Severn, Severn, Port Sydney and Algonquin to meet with engaged couples in the Toronto / GTA where they are planning their weddings, when they are planning their weddings. This show is a must-experience for engaged couples looking to Get Married in Muskoka and THE show to exhibit at if you're a Muskoka-based wedding vendor.

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