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Why Toronto?

As a Muskoka Wedding Planner I've worked with a number of different wedding vendors in each category. Since Wedding Management / Coordination clients are tasked with finding their own wedding professionals before they hand the reigns over to me, I get to see quite the spectrum of choice. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. What I'm hoping to do by creating a Muskoka - Wedding Show IN Toronto during engagement season is to make it easier on Muskoka Wedding vendors and Muskoka Wedding couples during the wedding planning process.

Torontonians love Muskoka for many reasons. Its close enough to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The landscape is natural and beautiful. Chances are that someone living in the city knows someone with a cottage in Muskoka or that they have experienced the area themselves season after season making good memories there. No wonder why people choose it as the backdrop for something important like their marriage.

As a primary source of Muskoka's visitors, it just makes sense to concentrate our marketing efforts in Toronto, during engagement season so that we improve our chances of connecting with these couples when they are looking. The key being IN Toronto WHEN they are looking otherwise we'd see success doing a wedding show in the summer in Muskoka.

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