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You've Got Plenty of Time!

I remember when I first started planning Muskoka Weddings, the engagements happened during the winter and the couples would call or email saying 'we'd like to get married this spring / summer / fall' giving us 3 - 6 months to plan. No problem! I used to think it was weird that my industry colleagues would spend 12 - 18 months doing the same thing we were but it was plenty of time because other Muskoka-Based wedding vendors were working with similar timeframes.

It's 'cottage country', it's the most 'popular travel destination in Canada', ranked #1 in 'best trips' by National Geographic. Muskoka's population more than doubles in the summer seasons (May - October) with seasonal residents and sees approximately 2.1 million visitors annually. Add a Canadian wedding season into the mix and you've got an insane summer in Muskoka.

All of the attention and focus goes to serving what's immediately in front of them, pushing a lot of the following year's planning and communication to the shoulder season. This can make engaged couples nervous as they often compare their planning progress with their 'local to them' friends.

By producing an annual Muskoka Wedding Show IN Toronto, we are going to put Muskoka-Based wedding vendors in front of engaged couples looking to plan their Muskoka Weddings WHERE they are planning, WHEN they are planning. The vendors will be fresh, and eager to make those connections for the upcoming season after a bit of a post - wedding / summer season break. You will feel better, and they will feel better, making real connections with you ahead of the upcoming wedding season.

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