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Plan Your Muskoka Wedding

Find everyone and everything you need here to Get Married in Muskoka. Can't find something? Send me a message. 



Muskoka Wedding Venues

One of the largest components of a wedding budget is the wedding venue. A Muskoka Wedding venue usually contains food, beverage and usually accommodations. In Muskoka we have everything from lakeside resorts, cottages, barns, industrial spaces, historical spaces, and banquet halls - with a view. 


Muskoka Wedding Caterers

Many Muskoka weddings take place at private or rented cottages. If you've chosen to go this route, you will want to hire a really good Muskoka Wedding Caterer. 

Flower Print


Muskoka Wedding Florists

I've set up hundreds of weddings and no matter how pretty the rest of the wedding decor is, there is something about the touch of a great Muskoka Wedding Florist that completes the look. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.


Muskoka Wedding DJ / Bands

They say a song can take you right back to a memory so when you're thinking about the soundtrack for your wedding day, consider hiring a Muskoka Wedding DJ and / or Muskoka Wedding Band / Musician to play all or elements of it. 

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